'Made' Version of Neighbourhood Plan

Click on image above to download the 'made' version of Neighbourhood Plan, November 2021. Click on the images of the Appendices below to download the reports.

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Consultation Statement

Submission version of Consultation Statement, January 2021

Basic Conditions Statement

Submission version of Basic Conditions Statement, January 2021

Evidence Base comprising 14 Appendices

Appendix 1 - Level 1 questionnaire results and analysis
Appendix 2 - Business questionnaires results and analysis
Appendix 3 - Landscape character assessment study
Appendix 4 - Flooding and hydrology sites report
Appendix 5 - Level 2 questionnaire results and analysis
Appendix 6 - Call for sites summary
Appendix 7 - Site assessment study by NP housing group
Appendix 8 - Housing needs assessment study by AECOM
Appendix 9 - Site assessment study by AECOM
Appendix 10 - Site assessment comparison study between AECOM and NP housing group
Appendix 11 - Green Infrastructure report
Appendix 12 - Designation study of Local Green Spaces
Appendix 13 - AECOM study of design codes for the parish
Appendix 14 - Housing requirements, position statement