Business Questionnaire Results

Most of the businesses in the village are shops located in the Golden Cross Lane. There are seven takeaway and fast food outlets which open predominantly in the evenings and weekends, reducing the trading opportunities for other shops during normal working hours. There are also six hair salons in the Parish. Residents of North Marlbrook need to travel a significant distance for essential services like GP surgery and pharmacy.

The majority of businesses employ less than 5 full time staff and 1-2 part time staff. The largest employer is the Compass Offices located in Golden Cross Lane, taking up significant number of parking spaces.

The locations of businesses have been decided in the main by the proximity to their customers, with access to the motorway network another important consideration. The pharmacy’s location was chosen due to its proximity to the GP Surgery.

The main obstacle to growing the businesses is car parking and related issues.. The Dental Practice has a special obstacle to growth as they need to obtain extra NHS funding, although they have the accommodation to expand. However, a third of businesses said there were no obstacles to growing or retaining their businesses.

Over the next 5 years, the majority of businesses said they would not leave the Parish or move into new premises within the Parish, with their businesses remaining the same size. However the two main employers would be providing new job opportunities during this period.

A third of businesses would support retail and residential housing developments in the village, as long as these developments led to increased customers and trade. However another third of the businesses did not wish to see any new developments at all.

There was a general view that the retail area suffered many inadequacies, including insufficient parking, lighting and signage, lack of access to premises and a need for quality, independent new shops and businesses open during normal working hours such as vets, deli, fruit and vegetable and flower shops to attract new customers to the village.

A copy of the business questionnaire can be seen here.

The Report on the Business Questionnaires can be viewed by clicking Results and Analysis of Business Questionnaires