Consultation Phase 3


Prepare for ‘regulation 14’ six week consultation.
Undertake 6 week consultation with workshops and events.
Collate responses and feedback.
Review policies and all documentation.
Finalise NP report and other required documentation.
Submit statutory documentation to Parish Council.
Submit to BDC.

Key Activities

Design pro forma letter and comments form.
Draw up list of consultees, including local Parish Councils, land owners, developers, local businesses and designated bodies by BDC.
Prepare draft NP report for print and pdf for website download.
Design posters and advertisements for local media.
Design quick guide leaflet.
Advertise workshop and events.
Design workshop layout.
Undertake workshop and events.
Collate and analyse comments and feedback on draft NP report and policies.
Respond to these comments and update policies, NP report and other documentation.
Submit statutory documentation to Parish Council and thereto BDC.

January 2020 – January 2021

Submission Documentation, including submission report, basic conditions and consultations documents can be downloaded from this webpage