Results of Level 2 Questionnaire Survey


A more detailed questionnaire (than the level 1 questionnaire) using a 5 point Likert Scale, was sent to all households in the Parish in June 2018 asking householders for their views on the proposed Vision Statement, together with their preferred objectives and related policies. These objectives and policy options were developed by the NP working groups.  The householders’ views on the suitability of the 7 potential housing development sites, identified from the sustainability appraisal, were also sought.

Community Response

This level 2 questionnaire was distributed to 2865 households in the Parish and 432 completed questionnaires were returned by end of July 2018. These returns are within the statistical parameters aimed for by the NP Group i.e. confidence intervals better than + or – 5 at 95% confidence levels.


From this statistically significant sample, it can be seen that the Vision Statement together with the objectives and policy options included in the questionnaire are supported by a majority of householders in the village.

Identifying sufficient housing to meet targets set by BDC is therefore supported but there is a significant minority of residents (strongly disagreeing) who are opposed to any housing developments in the Parish, particularly on Green Belt land.

Although there is a majority that is not opposed to any of the sites proposed there is no clear site or sites which are strongly considered suitable by the respondents. From undertaking  a weighted analysis of the results, sites 3, 4 and 7 are least favoured for housing development.

The main issue that concerns householders is the impact of traffic through the village. Their opposition to future housing development is in part due to the likelihood that traffic problems would get worse with more houses.

Protecting the Green Belt and the character and feel of the village was another major factor in rejection of any more housing developments. 

Any housing developments in the village can only take place in a controlled way ensuring that the semi rural character and feel of the village is maintained and sufficient infrastructure changes and services are provided to mitigate the impact of these new housing sites.  Policies developed must support these strongly held views in the Parish.

A copy of the level 2 questionnaire can be seen here and the covering letter here.

The Report on the Level 2 Questionnaires Survey can be viewed by clicking 
Report on results of Level 2 Questionnaire Survey