Consultation - Phase 2


Develop Vision Statement for Neighbourhood Plan up to 2030
Set up Working Groups, covering Housing, Infrastructure and Environment. Based on the agreed Vision Statement generate objectives and policy options, using existing data and new surveys where required.
Steering group will act as a final arbiter where objectives and policy options overlap between the Working Groups 
Develop a detailed questionnaire incorporating the findings of the Working Groups
Consult with all the residents of the Parish, using the detailed household questionnaire, on the Vision Statement, Plan Objectives and Preferred Policy Options.
Analyse the results of the questionnaires and identify the Preferred Policy options which will form the basis of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan 


Key Activities

Agree Vision Statement for Neighbourhood Plan, using findings of Level 1 questionnaire as a basis
Set up Working Groups identifying Leads for each Group
Collate existing data from sources with County Council and District Council. Liaise with District Planning Department
Apply for Grant money for survey required by Environment Working Group - Landscape Character and Capacity Assessment Study
Manage and liaise with consultants undertaking survey
Apply for grant money for distribution of level 2 questionnaires.
Design Level 2 questionnaire incorporating results from working Groups and finalise
Prepare Mail Shot - List of House Holders in Parish, stamped addressed envelopes
Print questionnaires and distribute through Mail Shot
Design Level 2 Questionnaire online using Set up questionnaire on website
Input results to computer and analyse results 

October 2017 to August 2018