Our Neighbourhood Plan

Our Neighbourhood Plan will act as our Legal Community voice, once passed into legislation, on all future planning applications in Catshill and North Marlbrook.

Should Bromsgrove District Council not be able to demonstrate a five-year supply of sites suitable for housing, our Plan will legally protect us from speculative planning applications being automatically approved in the Catshill and North Marlbrook Parish.

Neighbourhood Plan - Six week consultation between 21st September and 2nd November 2020

This will be the last consultation before the Neighbourhod Plan is finally submitted to Bromsgrove District Council and Independent Examination.

This Neighbourhood Plan is for everyone who lives, works or owns a business in Catshill and North Marlbrook.

How can I get Involved?

You can click on the links below to view the draft Neighbourhood Plan, together with the evidence base comprising thirteen further reports or download the summary leaflet of the report for an overview and then  give us your views and comments by completing the questionnaire online 

Copies of the draft report and the appendices will be available for inspection every Monday and Tuesday between 10 am and 12 noon at the Village Hall, during the consultation period. Telephone line will be open on 01527 873266 on these days to take calls about the report. Copies of the draft Plan can also be viewed at Catshill Library, Bromsgrove Library and Bromsgrove District Council offices.

Draft Neighbourhood Plan Report

You can view the draft Neighbourhood Plan, together with the evidence base comprising thirteen further reports,  by clicking on the image above.

Comment on Draft Plan

You can give us your views and comments by completing the questionnaire online on the image above. Your views matter and we will take into consideration every comment we receive. 

Summary Leaflet of the Draft Report

A summary of the report is included in the Autumn edition of the Parish magazine and a copy for download by clicking on image above.

You can also attend a number of exhibitions that are planned on 3rd, 17th and 31st October 2020 between 10 am and 1 pm at the Catshill Village Hall. This will be your chance to talk to the people who developed the plan on your behalf. The covid guidance and protocols for the village hall can be downloaded from Catshill Village Hall website. 

Copies of the draft Plan can also be viewed at Catshill Library, Bromsgrove Library and Bromsgrove District Council offices.

The Neighbourhood Plan was started in September 2016 and subject to a successful independent examination, a referendum to vote on the Plan will be held in 2021.  

Please help us save our Countryside !

During lockdown many residents have explored the footpaths and Green Spaces in Catshill and North Marlbrook. Help us to both protect and add to these in the future through our Neighbourhood Plan. 

Legislation allows us to designate Green Spaces if we can show they are special to you and prevent development that could compromise these locations. We need your help to do this. 

Please fill in the questionnaire on the link below so that we can show your support for the local environment so that you and future generations can continue to enjoy it. The Green Spaces we wish to protect, together with the footpaths, green corridors and wildlife habitats, are shown on a map of the village, following the questionnaire. All the important features are shown which need your support in order to preserve, protect, and enhance them for future generations. We welcome your comments which you can provide in the questionnaire.

Please click on this link and complete the Questionnaire

Concept of Neighbourhood Plans

The concept of ‘Neighbourhood Plans’ was introduced under the Localism Act 2011 and they are fundamentally about giving rights to local communities about the type, location, size, pace and design of developments in their area.

Neighbourhood Plans can:

·         Decide where and what type of developments should happen in the neighbourhood area

·         Include policies such as on design standards, which could take precedence over existing policies in the Bromsgrove District Council Local Plan for the neighbourhood.

The Neighbourhood Plan must primarily be about the use and development of land and could include the following:

·         Housing developments, including affordable homes, and bringing vacant and derelict housing back into use.

·         Provision for business to set up and expand their business.

·         Issues around roads, cycling, walking and disabled access.

·         Development of schools, places of worship, health, leisure and entertainment facilities, community and youth centres and village halls.

·         Protection and creation of open space, nature reserves, allotments, sports pitches, play area, parks and garden, and tree planting.

·         Protection of important buildings and historic assets.

·         Promotion of renewable energy projects.

A formally adapted Neighbourhood Plan will be part of the statutory development for the area. There is a legal requirement for Bromsgrove District Council to take into account the contents of local Neighbourhood Plans when making future decisions on planning for those areas.

All Parish Council meetings, including sub-committees, are currently cancelled. The Parish Councillors have agreed to conduct meetings via ZOOM for the foreseeable future. Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is also conducting meetings via ZOOM.

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